Automatic washing / filling lines for stainless steel kegs, which may have 2 or more heads and include accessories or other systems        connected to them.

• The line is completed by conveyor systems (belts and / or roller conveyors) at the inlet and outlet.

• The work cycles are completely automatic: the loading and unloading of the kegs, normally by the operator, can be automated by means of hoists, stackers or palletizers (see dedicated section).

• Entire structure in electro-welded A304 stainless steel and components in contact with the product compliant with food use.

• Processable kegs: 20÷50 l stainless steel kegs

Indicative hourly production: RF 4 Heads for beer: 70-80  kegs/h of 20 l

• Workable fittings, type and size of connections (product inlet, steam and drains): any on request.

Isobaric filling by steam sanitizable electromagnetic flowmeter for checking the filling cycle

Automatisms for the separation of the incoming kegs

• Flow detection sensors on the washing / sterilization heads and keg temperature measurement sensor during sterilization

• Pilgrim step pneumatic advancement system and accident prevention protections

• One or two rear tanks, depending on the product processed, for the detergent solutions

HMI PLC with touch panel that allows you to easily view and set the working parameters: it will be possible to save, edit and recall working recipes where is possible to store all parameters values. It is equipped with network connections that can be configured with the most common communication protocols (modbus, ethernet / IP, OPC UA) for interconnection to factory IT systems and / or automated integration with the logistics system or with other machines belonging to the production cycle (exchange of consents and / or data)

• Technology, present on all our lines, compliant with Industry 4.0

• It is also possible to install a modem for remote assistance on the machine with direct interaction

• Voltage and frequency adaptable to the electrical standards in use in the Country of final destination

• Interaction with the final customer for the design of the line

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