Semi-Automatic Filler designed all types of PET kegs, with and without bags, offered on the market.

The end customer will decide which and how many types of kegs he intends to work with.

• On request, the machine can also be prepared for filling stainless steel kegs

Processable kegs: Polykeg (with and without bag), Petainer, Dolium, Keykeg, etc., + on request stainless-steel kegs

Indicative hourly production (ex. mod. PET 1 HEAD for beer): 40-45 kegs/h (20 l) PET kegs ; 35 kegs/h (20 l) Polykeg with bag ; 40-45 kegs/h da 20 l stainless-steel kegs         

• Quick and easy keg format change thanks to the indications on the PLC.                                                                                      

• Workable fittings and type and size of connections (product inlet, steam and exhaust): any on request

• Electro-welded A304 stainless steel frame and components in contact with the product compliant with food use

Isobaric filling by steam sanitizable electromagnetic flowmeter

Keg valve sterilization / drying before filling and at the end of the cycle

• Pressure test inside the keg before the filling cycle.

• For drums with bags: suction and flushing of the bg to minimize the residual oxygen inside

• Bagless keg flushing to eliminate oxygen inside, replacing it with gas

C.I.P. cycle supplied as standard for washing / drying the filling head 

Human Machine Interface (HMI) via touch panel: it will be possible to save, edit and recall working recipes where is possible to store all parameters values

• Interconnection to factory IT systems that makes our machines compliant with Industry 4.0

• It is possible to install a modem for remote assistance on the machine, if the buyer is at a great distance: this allows our technicians to provide remote support (at a distance) with direct interaction, sending commands and analyzing the relative responses from the software

• The work cycles are completely automatic: the loading, unloading and handling of the kegs, usually by an operator, can be facilitated by integrating the line with roller conveyors and / or slide

• Voltage and frequency adaptable to the electrical standards in use in the final destination Country.

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