Our automatic lines for the pre-purging of the kegs may have 2 or more heads and include accessories or other systems connected to them. 

Through pressurization with inert gas, the oxygen present inside the keg is reduced to a minimum. The inert atmosphere stabilizes the product and improves both its quality and its shelf life.

• Processable kegs and workable fittings: any on request

• Entire structure in electro-welded A304 stainless steel 

• Purging gas: Inert gas (CO2/N2) ; Cleaning/Sterilization: chemical (to be defined) ; C.I.P. cycle to sanitize the machine

Example of indicative hourly production: FLS with 4 heads for PETAINER kegs  ->  200-250  kegs/h

HMI touch screen PLC that allows to easily view and set the work parameters

• Interconnection to factory IT systems that makes our machines compliant with Industry 4.0

• Automatisms for the separation of the incoming kegs

• Photoelectric sensors to detect damaged or defective kegs at the outlet and automatic rejection system through pneumatic ejection arm

• Automatic height adjustment between the different types of kegs, controlled by the electric movement system

• During the working cycle, it is possible through specific operations to verify the correct assembly of the valve and the pressurization of the keg

The loading and unloading of the kegs, normally by the operator, can be automated by means of hoists, stackers or palletizers (see dedicated pages)

• Voltage and frequency adaptable to the electrical standards in use in the final destination Country. 

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