The PALLETIZZER of the B.R.A. s.r.l. it is an independent additional element that can integrate an existing filling line, simplifying handling and storage operations and guaranteeing production stability.

The automatic palletizing system consists of a 2-axis cartesian robot consisting of:

• Monobloc structure and electrical panel in electro-welded A304 stainless steel, with adjustable feet

• Translating carriage and gripper arm for kegs pick-up/deposit

• Movement on guides and ball recirculating runners and motorization of the movements with motors of kw 1,1 2800 rpm

Keg clamp group composed of interchangeable gripping jaws, with shift by interlayer. The number of jaws depends on the size of the kegs

Customizable grip system ; gripping unit capacity > 150 kg

Fixed perimeter protections, with external push-button panel that allows to exclude the protection of the barriers to access the palletizing area

HMI PLC with touch panel that allows you to easily view and set the working parameters.

• Interconnection to factory IT systems that makes our machines compliant with Industry 4.0.

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