INDUSTRIAL MANIPULATOR with electronic control represents the ideal solution wherever speed, fluid movement and exact positioning of the load are required. It is an independent additional element that can integrate an existing filling line, simplifying handling and storage operations and guaranteeing production stability.



• COLUMN H = 2.5 m complete with plate for fixing to the floor and ARTICULATED ARM with 2 joints L= 2,5 m, maximum rotation of 375 °

Auto-Weight sense and Aoto balancing allow the load to be handled without any pre-setting or programming

Speed control on the Z axis via the control panel

• “FLOAT MODE” (direct two-hand handling of the load): allows you to position the load quickly and accurately, even in confined spaces

Microprocessor and force sensing handle with load cell, allows control with the fingertips, making the effort required by the operator for movement on the Z axis almost zero

Anti-tangle swivel joint, above the control panel, which prevents electric and pneumatic cables from tangling if the process has continuous rotation in the same direction

PLC Touch Screen for reading and managing the working parameters and for self-diagnosis of the device

• Provision for interconnection in Industry 4.0 logic

Customizable stainless-steel grippers to handle any type of keg.

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