Our KEGS TILTERS are independent additional elements, complementing a pre-existing line for filling, in which the keg is filled upside down, simplifying the handling operations of the full drums.

They can be designed for kegs of any capacity and type (steel or disposable): the interaction with the end customer allows a targeted choice of the model most suitable for your needs.


• Electro-welded A304 stainless steel frame and control panel

• Inlet conveyor belt with pneumatic system for the separation of the incoming kegs + outfeed conveyor / roller conveyor

• Photocells and reflective sensors that intercept the keg at the inlet and during rotation. 

The gripper that receives the keg and with a rotating movement straightens it

• PLC UNISTREAM TOUCH SCREEN that allows you to easily view and set the work management parameters

• Interconnection to factory IT systems that makes our machines compliant with Industry 4.0

Some models have jaws that hold the keg: by acting on the screws positioned on the rotation shafts, it is possible to widen or tighten them, to be able to work with containers of different capacities and sizes.


Alternative Tilter To The Ground: receives the filled keg that comes from the Filler and with a 180 ° rotational movement straightens it.

Alternative Tilter with lifting of the keg from the ground onto the loading belt: with a 180 ° rotational movement, overturn the keg directed towards the Filler.

Continuous Tilter: ideal for high productions, with a double gripper and a 360 ° rotating movement. 

Alternative Tilter with pneumatic gripper, ideal for complex lines that use kegs of different sizes: the gripper closes on the keg, and with a 180 ° rotational movement straightens it on the opposite side. 

On request, it is possible to evaluate the insertion of the Tilter program in the PLC software of the existing line, if this has the characteristics suitable for modification.

Voltage and frequency adaptable to the electrical standards in use in the final destination Country.

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